Pinteresting Guitar Shelf

This is one of my favorite projects of the year (yes, it's jan. 10th - what?)! I've had the 2nd pinspiration photo pinned for a while, but was lacking directions (could I have figured this out? maybe. maybe.). Then I found them!!

The Pinspiration: 

So I had the instructions...Pinterest told me the link might lead to something inappropriate so I discontinued the search. time now. :)

This was the original obsession-starter:

 I had to search (as usual) for the original post - it is a Chinese website (this one) which led me to a Chinese Pinterest-type page (here) was fun, but I digress...

LOVE IT! The colors are great! I tried really really hard to get away from these colors so I would feel less like I was copying (perception is everything). I knew I wanted the outside glossy black, so I went for the most Rock'n'Roll color there is -  purple (just ask Prince!). I had an awesome purple paint during present making time. It was so awesome I used most of it. The only good color I had plenty of  was a bluish-green color disturbingly similar to the one above. The choice was get over it or go to Michaels - at 5:00. I got over it.

My Rockin' Guitar Shelf:


It's been in my front yard for a year, waiting to become a planter. Plans change.


This is in my backyard, but I swear I'm taking it inside!

I'm so glad I got over it because I LOVE IT! And the colors aren't that similar (perception). After a call to my Mom when it looked like this and I was SO STUCK...

...I added sheet music (thanks, Mom!) to the inside and a red outline (thanks, Husband!). What's left of the sound hole got a decal that I 'borrowed' from Google images (you can search 'sound hole stickers' - it's safe:) ) and then added some of the blue color to it in Photoshop. I got super lucky printing - it fit perfectly the first time with no manipulation (that NEVER happens!). The shelves - which are made from the part of the guitar I cut out - are just glued in, so no heavy items on these shelves - but who cares???

Here are some other views:

Now I have to paint my walls to make this stand out a little more...It never ends.
Have You made a guitar shelf? I'd love to see it!

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  1. I recently scored a broken guitar and want to do something like this, what did you use to cut the front out?


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