Pinteresting Bottle Cap Table

The Pinspiration:

My Version of the Bottle Cap Mosaic Table

After caulking all these bottle caps into place, 
my elbow quit this project. I had to grout left handed.

Time Required: This project took me about 20 hours to complete. It is safe to say I won't be making another one without a serious down payment. :)

Skills Required: designing, caulking, grouting, miter-cutting

Have you been PINSPIRED? I'd love to see your bottle cap creation!


  1. I love your diy bottle cap table and just wanted to let you know that I’ve featured this project on my website: It’s a hub for fun & creative DIY ideas. The direct link to the featured post is:
    Feel free to let your readers know you've been featured and thanks so much for your wonderful creativity!

  2. It looks great! I'm working on a similar idea - using grout instead of clear resin.

  3. Love love love your table! Creative, fun, eye-catching, and original. So tired of walking into residences and not seeing anything special. Tends to be things straight outta Hobby Lobby. Been collecting bottle caps for some time and plan to make a table as well. Wish resin wasn't soooooo expensive though! LOL


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