Quoting Pinterest: California Rock

I love all the quotes on Pinterest and the interesting ways people are using them. The Pinspiration quote in this post is on my super top secret hidden board on Pinterest. That is because my best friend moved to California 2 years ago and I knew this would have to go on something for her. I worked it out...

The Pinspiration:

Not sure if this is the original source...Thank you, chalk genious - whoever you are.

I want to say I found this rock while on a great hike here in my gorgeous state of Colorado, but I probably got it from participating in the rock relocation program. (I'm sure you've heard of it. My bank participates. So does the grocery store. Any place, really, that puts those free rocks by where I park my car. If there is a heart-shaped one, it must be relocated to my house.) It was the perfect size for the saying I wanted to use.

My 'California' Rock: 

Well, now it's Sonya's California Rock. That's her blue carpet, too. Hi Sonya!

To make this amazing creation, I wrote on the rock with paint pens and then sealed it with a clear spray paint. Way too easy. So then I wrote over it again in different colors, effectively blurring it a little. Someday I will learn when to stop. :)

Time Requirements: 5-60 Minutes, depending on your stop-ability.

Materials Requirements: A great quote, whatever you want to paint/type/write/etc. on, and whatever you want to paint/type/write/etc. with.

Skill Requirements: Absolutely no skill is needed for this project. I'm so freaking proud of myself right now.

Have you copied a great quote? ARE YOU PINSPIRED?
Show me what you've made!!

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