Pinteresting Felted Mug Warmer ('Coozie' if you are from Kansas)

During my upcycled-felted-wool phase, I ended up with lots of extra little bits. Off to Pinterest I went, in search of an inspiring idea to save those scraps from the trash. This isn't the original picture I found, but I love these heart buttons and it's simplicity...

The Pinspiration:

Thank You, The White Bench, for this lovely photo!

So I went a completely different direction:

My Felted Wool Coozie (Mug Warmer, whatever):

That's not a mug. Doesn't change the Coozie-ness of my Coozie.
Because of the plethora of buttons in my possession, I made a mandala on my Coozie. I love these colors together. I should dig this out and use it... 

I found it! It's so pretty! I put it on my mug. It slides down and I remember why I took the original photo on a glass.  I need my less tapered mug, which is growing something really awesome and science-y in my car. 

I used velcro to close it. It's pretty stretchy fabric for felted wool (damn 10% acrylic), so it can fit different sized (not tapered) mugs. Yay me! 

Time Requirements: 10 minutes or all day.

Materials Requirements: Felted wool scraps, embellishments (or not), some kind of closure.

Skill requirements: Cutting, possible button application, maybe some sewing (sew on the velcro - it won't last with the sticky kind).


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  1. So glad you now have a beautifully warm, colorful mug (glass, ha!) hug, but most of all, that you had fun!
    Thanks for sharing my link.


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