Pinteresting Cardigan Upcycle

This is a project from last year that I loved! When I first saw the inspiration pin, I knew I had to have one!


I finally found where this came from - it's here - but they don't sell them anymore. 

I had a dark gray cardigan that was too boring and a lighter gray henley-type shirt that looked horrible on me. I liked the contrast. Cutting out appoximately 50 'flowers' was super fun (feeling the sarcasm?). Sewing them on was like spending time in a field full of flowers with no bees reading a great book.

As you can see from the photo below, just the flowers sewn on was not enough flair for me (NO sarcasm - I LOVE FLAIR!), so I then hand sewed every button into place.

Buttons or no buttons? Definitely Buttons! They tied the whole thing together!

Once it was finished (I did not count hours - I didn't care how long it took - I wanted this cardigan!), I couldn't keep it. It now required hand washing. So I gave it to my mom...I know she will take proper care of it.
(Yes, I did spend days making this and then refused to spend minutes washing it - sounds dumb when you put it like that. So shut it.)

This is my beautiful mother who made me promise to cut her head off in this picutre. 

She cut her own head off in this picture.