Got 10 Minutes? Print Pictures on Book Pages!

So tearing pages out of books isn't really my thing. I LOVE books! But a friend recently SPENT MONEY on something similar so I had to prove it could be done for free. I did. And I did it with the 1964 dictionary that we used to play scrabble with. It really is outdated and now will be useful for other things...

The Pinspiration:

This beautiful photo comes from this cool blog.

After 2 failed attempts:

I decided to use pictures of my own family:
At least now I like them. I chose specific dictionary pages, too, but no one will notice that but me. Now to find frames...I don't have any that are that exact size, but I have black paper for matting...

I like that you can still see the tab bits of the dictionary page. Now I wish I'd used the actual letter tab page. Next time.
Now I don't know what to do with them. I need to take something down to put them up. But my point is proven - you don't need money to have fun stuff! (ok, you need printer ink, but surely you already have that, right?)

What I learned: When printing, it's easiest to treat the dictionary page as a letter sized sheet of paper and center everything - from your picture in the program you're using to the dictionary page in the tray. PRACTICE WITH PLAIN PAPER!!

Time Requirement: I finished all three of these in 30 minutes once I figured out the centering of the paper (which took my 2 failed attempts + 2 more and 15 frustrating minutes).

Materials Requirements: Book pages that won't bleed when you tear them out, picture manipulating computer program, printer, frame (optional)

Skill Requirements: Photo program computer and printer skills

This was SO easy that I'm not going to feel bad putting them 
back in the frame box when I can't find a place for them. 

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  1. just saw a post about taping the dictionary page to a piece of computer paper. duh.


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