Pinteresting Ice Sculptures for the Birds to Eat

I decided it was time to organize my craft/art supply area. I was 10 miserable minutes into this project when I came across these ice sculpture molds:

ICE SCULPTURES! Forget the organizing!

It's freezing outside, so I pinterested (yes, it's now a verb) 'ice bird feeders'. This was a nice one...if a bit plain for me (it's not a swan, now, is it?)...

The Pinspiration:

This photo came from a fun blog - check it out here.

I have leftover birdseed from a pine cone bird feeder adventure and water is readily available, so let his free project begin!
My daughter helped add the birdseed but lost interest when she had to put shoes on to go I added the water. THAT'S IT! I left them outside overnight and these were my rewards in the morning:

My Ice Bird Feeders:

Now THAT'S a freakin' swan!

They turned out great, but my inner mold-loving nerd was completely frustrated. I pinterested some more and came across this beauty:

A "Winter Sun Catcher" from another fun blog! Check it out here!

So back to the unorganized supply room...

I better make these a whole new blog will be right here as soon as I write it.

Let's just say my mold itch is being scratched as the water turns to ice. It takes SO LONG when you make these during the day...because of all the watching water freeze that has to happen. Maybe if I stop adding layers they will freeze faster? Maybe.

Have you made a great ice bird feeder? Please send me pictures!

*Update* I just had to add these pictures my husband took of the squirrel enjoying the bird feeder. Or does that make it a squirrel feeder?

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