Pinteresting Ice Sculptures, or How to Waste a Whole Day

Yesterday I revealed my Pinteresting Ice Sculptures for the Birds to Eat where I made some pretty cute bird feeders with some ice sculpture molds I found in my supplies (garage sales are awesome). That whole project happened so I could avoid cleaning my supply room. I stretched it out into 2.5 days of not cleaning my supply room (yay me!). But I did have to venture in there for a few more items...

The fingernail polish was to make a hole for hanging. It only kind of worked...

Glitter, crayon shavings, ornaments, beads, food coloring, more molds...I ignored the mess while I looked for anything that would cool in ice.
Got all the molds filled in about 15 minutes. I spent the rest of the day adding layers and watching the water freeze. By evening, it was pretty obvious that I was going to have to wait until morning for solid blocks of ice. Probably could have had a more productive day...

I did, however, end up with these in the morning:

I'm glad I got to enjoy them today because it's supposed to warm up again tomorrow and then all we'll have are the memories...oh, and this blog post.

Have you made some ice sun catchers? Send me a pic!

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