Pinteresting Stuffed Owls

If you read my Owl Handwarmers post, you'll remember I mentioned an obsession.  I made these for every child in my life. My mother in law got one that represented each member of our family (7 owls in total). See below:

The Pinspiration:

Owl handwarmers from this blog post.
Idea borrowed from this etsy store.

My funny owls made with tons of love
and only a little blood:

Again, I didn't take enough pictures...I will add them as I find them.

For my sweet daughter.

These were for my mother-in-law for Christmas last year. There is one for each member of our family. I'm especially proud of the Air Force logo on the hat my brother-in-law never takes off:

Time Requirement: I'd give it a couple of hours at least for your first one. REMEMBER: SEW THE FACE ON FIRST!!

Materials Required: Fabric, Sewing Machine, Buttons (optional)

Skills Required: Template Making (don't forget your seam allowance - especially in the ear area!) Sewing, Hand Sewing

Have you made an owl? LET ME SEE IT!!

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